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April 14th, 2011

09:49 am: More NEWS!!!
In my elaborate alien plot to take over the eBook universe, GENeration eXtraTERrestrial is now available through Smashwords in many new formats.  Here's the link:

April 6th, 2011

01:07 pm: News!!! News!!! News!!!

News!!! News!!! News!!!


LOTS new going on in the world of Aurelio O'Brien:

EVE is on Smashwords: EVE the eBook

I have my own snappy merchandise: Buy Some Now!!!

I'm on Twitter – come join me:@aurelioobrien

Keep checking back--more news to come!

March 6th, 2011

03:19 pm: Read an eBook Week is Here!
I want to kick off the week of eBook posts and recommendations with a plug for a great just-released eBook from my favorite author, Adrienne Jones:

Gypsies Stole My Tequila

Here's my review:

The old adage, “Life ends at forty” is more than an expression for Joe Blood, the protagonist in Adrienne Jones’s captivating tale, Gypsies Stole My Tequila. In her deftly written, multi-layered, wry, and surreal novella, Jones transforms every fear you’ve ever had about traveling over that hill into a terrifying monster of the mind.

Or is it? That is the true enjoyment for the reader as you enter Joe’s world where his calendar becomes an actual monster taunting him, demanding he tick off each day until his fortieth birthday, the day a younger Joe vowed, in blood no less, to off himself. Jones makes the monster so vivid and plausible one is convinced that, whether manifest or imaginary, Joe’s threat is very real.

And the threat is humorous as well, for Joe Blood is a by-gone Punk idol, still donning his outdated studded leather clothes and spiky day-glo hair, who has been reduced to wearing a silly cow suit at work as he sells meat products at a “theme” butcher shop. It’s tough to have an attitude when one is in bovine drag, but Joe insists on trying. He clings desperately to his past, feels ashamed of his present, and is terrified of his future.

Joe’s monster demands the involvement of Joe’s old band mates, both of whom signed in blood along with Joe those many years ago. The monster, who grows stronger and more substantive by the day, requires that the three punks die together, as they agreed. Joe reluctantly tracks the other two down to warn them of this threat, but they have both moved on with their lives. They see Joe as a sad ghost from the past, spinning out of control, burned out from his self-abusive youth, and are reluctant to let him drag them into his current mid-life madness.

One of his band mates, Vincent, still in awe of Joe’s past innate talent, relents, offering Joe a way out. Vincent hires Joe to help his own son’s sorry rock band get their act together. This is the last thing Joe wants to do, but the young boys provoke this has-been punker, bruising is ego. Can he still do it? Does he even want to anymore? Can Joe Blood go back in order to go forward?

Will he go out in a blaze of glory, or like the Phoenix, rise reborn from the ashes of his burnt out life? And what of the monster? How will it be satisfied? All I will tell you is that before the story is done, much blood is spilt, and whether it will be a painful birth or a painful death that causes the bleeding, Jones definitely keeps you guessing.

I highly recommend you read Gypsies Stole My Tequila as well as all the other intriguing tales from Adrienne Jones.

January 17th, 2011

11:20 am: GENeration eXtraTERrestrial invades the eBook Universe!
My new multi-part novel, GENeration eXtraTERrestrial, is now available via my new author site, www.aurelioobrien.com

Here is the press release my publisher, Bad Attitiude Books, came up with for me:



For review copies or interview requests, contact:
Bad Attitude Books, P.O. Box 1460, La Cañada, CA 91012 babooks@earthlink.net

GENeration eXtraTERrestrial Invades the eBook Universe
Author Aurelio O'Brien's eSerial presents a tale designed for readers on the go.

La Cañada, CA-01/01/11 -- Bad Attitude Books is proud to announce its flagship publication, GENeration eXtraTERestrial, by Aurelio O'Brien. The initial release of this innovative novel by the author of EVE is a ten ePisode eSerial designed specifically for hand held readers and mobile phone reading apps. This will be accompanied by a complete eBook for the anxious reader, followed by a limited deluxe edition collectible hardcover at a later date.

GENeration eXtraTERrestrial‚ ePisode 1 begins when an avant-garde installation artist, a rural farmer, a suburban housewife, a spinster librarian, and a star of stage and screen are profiled in the tabloid, Real News: each claims alien abduction but more extraordinarily, each also claims to be carrying an alien child.

Dr. Grace Brown, a researcher at the Extraterrestrial Life Forms Institute (ELF) is assigned the task of examining these "nut cookies" by her spiteful boss, Harry Butler. Harry hopes a good public humiliation will delegitimize Grace out of her job at ELF. Grace turns the tables on him by joining forces with the tabloid journalist to present Harry as the incompetent dupe of these publicity-seeking pseudo-abductees. All tables are upturned, however, when the abductees actually deliver their not-quite-human infants.

This resultant GENeration eXtraTERrestrial, as varied as their Earth parents, initiate pandemonium in the press, the government, the religious institutions, the courts, and the public. When their fifteen minutes expire‚ aided by a fickle public, bored talk-radio hosts, and a couple of good lawyers‚ the abductees and their offspring are allowed to go home and begin the real work of growing up.

As each successive ePisode follows GENeration eXtraTERrestrial from infancy to adulthood, O'Brien presents a multitude of humorous life experiences as unique as they are universal. Each alien child must find their place in our world while trying to discover where they really belong, why they were placed on Earth, and what the future holds in store for them in either realm.

Further enhancing both the literary and marketing innovations of this novel, Bad Attitude Books and Aurelio O'Brien have also created an elaborate GENeration eXtraTERrestrial eUniverse: embedded within each ePisode is a hyperlink to a website associated with the story and/or a character. These sites contain links to the web-based download location for the next ePisode. Readers will experience the added dimension of exploring characters‚ blogs, story-related sites, and joining a fully supported facebook-like alien/human social network.

The first free ePisode download and further information can be found at:



October 4th, 2010

08:47 am: UP FROM the BLUE
I started writing novels fairly late in life. I had no "connections" or "network." Much of the "professional" writing community is pretty insular–you have to be a member to know them, you have to know them to be a member. I suppose every industry works this way to varying degrees, and it was certainly the case in my film work, but I always hoped in the creative writing world things would be different and was disappointed when it was not.

Sometimes it is though. Sometimes you meet people like Susan Henderson. She welcomed me to her literary community, LitPark, and her friends became my friends. I was encouraged to share my thoughts with like-minded creative people. She has promoted my work and the work of others without hesitation. She has been an inspiration to me, a mentor of sorts too, and I am honored to say–a friend.

Now I'd like to do a little something for her–and you can help me. Susan has worked long and hard on her debut novel, UP FROM the BLUE, which has just been published through Harper Paperbacks and is out. I got my copy, am about mid-way through it, and loving it. Please give it a look-see, read the blurbs, and grab a copy of your own–at the top of her site link are its various vendors–then let me know what you think.

September 22nd, 2010

07:45 am: Our Macho Mister Sun
I have an energetic new essay in Impact Times. (The pdf download is free.)

Our Macho Mister Sun

September 19th, 2010

12:38 pm: Book Recommendation - Altered States
My good friend and fellow author, Paul J. Newell has a new book coming out, Altered States. You can pre-order it for a reduced price.  I read an advance copy and loved it.  It's a very intriguing speculative fiction mystery, with lots of twists and turns.  If you like unusual mysteries too, this one's for you.  Here's the blurb and ordering info:

Altered States by Paul J. Newell

July 2nd, 2010

06:07 pm: The Hoax by Adrienne Jones
I would be remiss if I didn't shout-out that "The Hoax," by Adrienne Jones (published by Mundania Press) is now available. Buy it. It is a GREAT summer read. Here's my 5-star review of one of the strangest and most fun speculative fiction novels I've ever read:

From its eerie prologue to the final startling chapter, reading Adrienne Jones’ The Hoax is every bit as fun as a roller coaster ride through a carnival fun house with one’s very best friends in tow.

Patrick O’Brien, the tale’s protagonist, is as likable as a modern day George Bailey, but this is no wonderful life. His best friend Joey Duvaine’s family members are all dead following a quick series of freakish fatal accidents. Dutifully at Joey’s side for the final funeral, Patrick is concerned. Oddly, his intensely handsome young friend with an unusually charismatic charm doesn’t seem the least bit upset by it all. To make matters worse, Patrick and Joey’s other best buddy, the ever unpredictable and opportunistic Melvin Eugene Shepherd, or Shep, suggests they use Joey’s uniquely tragic life for a bizarre moneymaking scheme.

What starts as a half-baked lark quickly escalates into a full-blown, worldwide, religious hoax. Shep successfully sells Joey as a modern day Messiah and cleverly tricks Patrick into helping believably create Joey’s “miracle” encounter with the Virgin Mary for all the world to see. Furious at being used by Shep and angry at Joey for going along, Patrick wants no further part of these two, but try as he might to extract himself from their escalating madness, strange forces are at work, drawing him back in, as well as several endearingly clumsy spies that all resemble Shep, following his every move.

A tale that evolves humorous frat boy hi-jinks into a conspiracy theorists ultimate nightmare, The Hoax spins a child’s top into a deadly hurricane, soon encompassing everything in its path: from calculated murders, to strange religious blood rituals, FBI covert operations, and bio-terrorism, to, yes, the ultimate fate of all mankind. This richly layered story unfolds with such deftness and wit, that Jones’ twists and turns leave one agog, and like that roller coaster ride, makes it impossible to stop reading until it comes screaming to its end.

Seriously. Super-fun. Buy it for the train, plane, beach, or cabin. For a summer rain storm, or bedtime curl-up. You'll love it as much as I did.

June 22nd, 2010

10:53 am: A Slim Minority
My essay, "A Slim Minority," is out now, In the summer issue of Impact Times - the download is free. Enjoy... and think thin.

March 19th, 2010

11:59 am: Cannibal Lecture
I have a new essay in the Spring edition of Impact Times. Here's the link:

Impact Times

They've changed their format so you have to download the whole mag to read the full article, but it's free!

Eat, drink, and be merry...

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