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27 December
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Although I had specified single child, Nob Hill, and substantial wealth on my pre-birth application, I was flabbergasted to discover that I'd been born into a raucous, middle-class household of seven rival offspring living amongst the cherry orchards of Sunnyvale, California.

To avoid drowning in that sibling sea, I cultivated my creative talents: looking innocent to my parents while smirking at my brothers, deflecting blame for all things broken, and most of all, inventive storytelling. These gifts served me well during my schooling at CalARTS and later employment as an animator, designer, and story artist in the sweatshops of Hollywood.

After twenty years of telling their stories, I resolved to tell one of my own. My novel, EVE is the result. Here's what Gary Wolfe, author and creator of Roger Rabbit had to say about EVE:

    "This book is a hoot and a half! The story is multi-layered, funny, socially relevant, and engrossing. The wonderfully fanciful cast of characters would be right at home living in Toontown. EVE explores unique and interesting themes. Many years from now, I believe EVE will take its rightful place in the library of modern science fiction classics.”

Check out the website www.evethenovel.com for details and convenient vendor links.